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Trial information

List of age groupings for each sport where trials are held is detailed in the Trial information (DOC, 44 KB) document. Document also explains whether the students participate in a SWSS or DDSS regional trial and whether the trail is for individuals, school based teams or district based teams.
Bulletins for regional trials are listed in the table below according to their sport:
Sport ​Information Bulletin

DDSS 11-12yrs Aquathlon Bulletin (DOCX, 684KB)

DDSS Aquathlon Nomination Form (XLS, 20KB)

DDSS Permission Form (DOCX, 68KB)

​Australian Rules

​DDSS 10-12yrs AFL Bulletin (DOCX, 178KB)

DDSS 13-15yrs Boys AFL Bulletin (DOCX, 136KB)

DDSS 13-16yrs Girls AFL Bulletin (DOCX, 199KB)

2017 DDSS Permission Form (DOCX, 74KB)


DDSS 13 - 18yrs Baseball Bulletin (DOCX, 219KB)

DDSS Permission Form (DOCX, 74KB)


SWSS 10-12yrs Basketball Bulletin (DOC, 67KB)

SWSS 13-19yrs Basketball Bulletin (DOC, 67KB)


​DDSS 16-19yrs Boys Cricket Bulletin (DOCX, 201KB)

DDSS 13-15yrs Girls Cricket Bulletin (DOCX, 150KB)

DDSS Permission Form (DOCX 74KB)

SWSS 10-12yrs Boys & Girls Cricket Bulletin (DOCX, 30KB)

SWSS 10-12yrs Boys & Girls Cricket Nomination Form (XLS, 41KB)

SWSS 13-14yrs Boys Cricket Bulletin (DOCX, 41KB)

​Cross Country

SWSS 10-19yrs Cross Country Bulletin (DOCX, 49KB)

User Guide Athletics Meet Manager (DOCX, 37KB)

User Guide Athletics Team Manager Lite (DOCX, 741KB)

2017 SWSS Cross Country Map (PDF, 122KB)

​Golf SWSS 11 - 19yrs Golf Bulletin (DOCX, 50KB)

SWSS 10-12yrs Football Bulletin (DOCX, 33KB)

SWSS 13-19yrs Football Bulletin (DOCX, 36KB)


SWSS 10-12yrs Netball Bulletin (DOC, 59KB)

SWSS 13-19yrs Netball Bulletin (DOCX, 44KB)


DDSS 10-19yrs Orienteering Bulletin (DOCX, 196KB)

2017 DDSS Permission Form (DOCX, 74KB)

​Rugby League

SWSS 11-12yrs Boys Rugby League Bulletin (DOCX, 37KB)

​SWSS 14-18yrs Boys Rugby League Bulletin (DOCX, 57KB)

SWSS Girls Rugby League Bulletin (DOCX, 40KB)

​Rugby Union

DDSS 14-15yrs Rugby Union Bulletin (DOCX, 237KB)

DDSS 16-18yrs Rugby Union Bulletin (DOCX, 164KB)

DDSS Rugby Union Age Consent Form (PDF, 135KB)

2017 DDSS Permission Form (DOCX, 74KB)


SWSS 10-12yrs Girls Softball Bulletin (DOCX, 27KB)

SWSS 13 - 18yrs Girls Softball Bulletin (DOCX, 74KB)

DDSS 13-19yrs Boys Softball Bulletin (DOCX, 151KB)

DDSS 10-12yrs Boys Softball Bulletin (DOCX, 211KB)

2017 DDSS Permission Form (DOCX, 74KB)

​Squash SWSS 13-19yrs Squash Bulletin (DOCX, 58KB)

​SWSS 10-19yrs Swimming Bulletin (DOCX, 759KB)

2017 10-12yrs Qualifying Standards (DOCX, 55KB)

2017 13-19yrs Qualifying Standards (DOCX, 67KB)

User Guide Meet Manager Swimming (DOC, 56KB)

User Guide Team Manager Lite Swimming ( DOC, 644KB)


SWSS 10-12yrs Tennis Bulletin (DOC, 42KB)

SWSS 13-19yrs Tennis Bulletin (DOCX, 51KB)


SWSS 10-12yrs Touch Bulletin (DOCX, 35KB)

SWSS 13-19yrs Touch Bulletin (DOC, 75KB)

​Track & Field

User Guide Meet Manager Athletics (DOCX, 37KB)

User Guide Team Manager Lite Athletics (DOCX, 741KB)

Athletics Field Event Rules & Procedures (DOCX, 122KB)

SWSS 10 - 19yrs Athletics Bulletin (DOCX, 683KB)

2017 Hurdles Walks Competency Certificate (DOCX, 35KB)

2017 Pole Vault Hammer Competency Certificate (DOCX 31KB)


DDSS Triathlon Bulletin (DOCX, 213KB)

DDSS Permission Form (DOCX, 68KB)


DDSS 13-19yrs Volleyball Bulletin (DOCX, 136KB)

2017 DDSS Permission Form (DOCX, 74KB)

​Water Polo

DDSS Boys Water Polo Bulletin (DOC, 147KB)

DDSS Girls Water Polo Bulletin (DOC, 147KB)

DDSS Trial Permission Form (DOC, 74KB)