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Welcome to South West School Sport!

South West School Sport aims to provide quality sport education programs to primary students, secondary students and students with disabilities.

The sport structure, from intra-school through to national level, identifies and caters for gifted and talented students and provides them with a goal at which to aim.

South West School Sport region was first established in 1982, with restructuring occurring several times over the years leading to its present composition.

Geographical region

Geographically, the South West School Sport region extends from the Jandowae area in the east to Hebel in the south, west to Eromanga and north as far as Tambo and Taroom. South West School Sport is part of the Darling Downs and South West education region.

Regional Sports Office and program

The Regional Sports Office is responsible for organising and monitoring a program that promotes the development of sporting skills and abilities to a standard that will enable students to be selected in regional sporting teams capable of competing at a state level.

An extended program is available for students to be selected from state championships to compete at national championships and interstate exchanges.

Paralleling this is the incentive and encouragement for a skilled and professional group of teachers to demonstrate their abilities while working with highly motivated and talented students, and to be rewarded for their efforts by recognition of appointment to various levels of regional, state and national officialdom.

Students and schools

The students who participate in South West School Sport activities at a district, regional or state level come from all sectors including primary, secondary, special schools and schools of distance education. The students range in ages from 10 to 19.

All state and non-state schools within our region are affiliated with South West School Sport. The region is comprised of 20 secondary schools/departments with the non-state to state school ratio being 1:10 and 58 primary schools with a non-state to state school ratio of almost 1:6.

Primary schools range in size from quite small with an enrolment of 2 students to our largest at 539 students. The majority of primary schools in the South West region, both state and non-state, have a student population of less than 50 (68%).

The statistics for the secondary sector indicate that 65% of the schools have a student population of less than 100. All schools in this range being either P-10 or P-12 schools. The remaining secondary schools have populations ranging from 151 to 637.

Our sports

We have an extensive array of sports on offer to students within the region. The 13–19 year-old school students are offered a choice of 22 sports (41 teams) and 10–12 year-old students 14 sports (18 teams).

The sports offered within the South West region mirror the state program. South West students are able to further their representative careers in a number of sports through participation in the Darling Downs regional trials.

For regional trials in the 10–12 and 13–19 age range divisions, teams from each of the 7 districts participate. The regional trials in individual sports—swimming, orienteering, cross country, athletics and aquathlon/triathlon—are held as 10–19 years events.


Read about our districts in the district sport section.

Last reviewed 29 April 2020
Last updated 29 April 2020