Policies and procedures


Age eligibility

The South West School Sport Board determined that, in line with Schools Sport Australia and Queensland School Sport initiatives and policies regarding student participation in school sport events, the following arrangements would provide a more equitable system and better reflect current trends in education.

I. That age eligibility be the only criteria for participation in school sport events provided students attend an affiliated school.

II. That age eligibility for all events be set as follows

  • For the 10–12 years management committees
    • aged 10, 11 or 12 years in the year of competition.
  • For the secondary management committees
    • aged 13–19 years in the year of competition except where other specific age eligibility is applied.

The 13 year-old students enrolled in a primary school are eligible to participate in district, regional and state championships in individual and team based sports.

The 12 year-old students enrolled in a secondary school are eligible to compete at district, regional and state championships in individual and team based sports.

III. That future event terminology for school sport events in the region be:

  • 'Region/district' 10–12 years 'regional/district sport' (all sports)
  • 'Region/district'13–15 years 'regional/district sport' (basketball, football, netball, rugby league, touch)
  • 'Region/district' 16–18 years 'regional/district sport' (rugby league, girls softball, touch)
  • 'Region/district' 13–19 years 'regional/district sport' (basketball, cricket, golf, netball, football, boys softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, triathlon)

Selection policy

Regional team selection criteria/processes for team sports are set out in the competition procedures section of the Regional School Sport handbook.

Management procedures

The South West School Sport Board management procedures (DOC, 232KB) give an overview of the operating principles of the board.

The South West School Sport Management Group management procedures (DOC, 126KB) give an overview of the format of 10–12 years and 13–19 years sport in the region.

Competition procedures

The Competition guidelines (DOC, 559KB) detail regional policies on regional trials, team selections, responsibilities, etc.

Risk management

The South West School Sport Board has a responsibility to ensure regional trials, team training sessions, professional development for regional team officials and participation at state and national championships are conducted in a safe, supportive environment.

The documents in this section aim to assist staff undertake effective curriculum risk management. The information presented here should be seen as the 'minimum expected standard' to manage risk, rather than the definitive list of requirements.

All the information presented should be carefully considered in respect to the nature of the activity and your specific context, such as:

  • Which students will be involved (age, maturity, experience, specific needs, number)?
  • What will students be doing (jumping, swimming, cutting, cooking, throwing, etc.)?
  • What will students be using (hazardous materials, sporting equipment, tools, stove, etc.)?
  • Where will students be (classroom, outdoors, pool, creek, at height, etc.)?
  • Who will be leading the activity (experience, qualifications, etc.)?

Regional convenors are required to complete the Queensland School Sport event convenor risk assessment (PDF, 564KB) and return to the Regional School Sport Officer (RSSO) prior to the regional carnival.

Regional managers are required to complete the Queensland School Sport event manager risk assessment (PDF, 596KB) and return to RSSO prior to departure to the state championship.

Regional coaches are required to complete the Curriculum Activity Risk Assessment (CARA) template (DOC, 336KB) or the sport-specific CARA and return to the RSSO within 1 week of the selection of the regional team.

Appointment of officials

All South West School Sport team officials, convenor, coach and manager, are appointed at the end of year meeting of the South West School Sport Board.

Application forms and information packages are emailed to all schools to arrive at the start of term 3. As well they are available on this website during September vacation period.

Last reviewed 01 April 2021
Last updated 01 April 2021